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CNC milling

Choose the leading CNC milling provider for custom products

We offer our customers CNC milling of various materials to order. It is a machining method where the workpiece is clamped on a moving table and rotating tools are used to machine the workpiece to the final shape.

  • providing 3 and 5-axis processing
  • milling in large and small series
  • simultaneous processing
  • production of most complex pieces

5-axis machining produces the most complex geometric shapes. We pride ourselves on our technological perfection, 45 years of experience, and expertise that ensure the perfect products every time, such as complex tool parts and aerospace parts, i.e. turbine blades. 5-axis machining ensures:

  • top flexibility
  • high milling performance
  • top precision

5-axis machining

3-axis machining produces products with simpler geometries, such as clamps, fasteners, and machine parts. 3-axis machining provides:

  • fast production
  • high precision
  • cost-effectiveness

3-axis machining

Machine Park

At CNC Borštnar, we focus on our machinery and our priority is to ensure that our machines are state-of-the-art, perfectly maintained, and operated to the highest standards.


We guarantee our customers top quality right from the prototype. We design the product for you, produce the technical documentation, make a prototype and, after your approval, proceed with the production. We ensure top quality with state-of-the-art measurement systems.

Improve your products and offering with reliable CNC Borštnar services.

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