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CNC turning

Choose a leading provider for CNC turning of products

CNC turning is machining in which the workpiece rotates while the cutting tools are fixed in the toolholders. On newer machines, driven tools are also possible.

  • We have the latest machines used to make implants
  • Precision and high-performance for the most demanding products
  • We also have power tools or so-called driven devices
  • Furthermore, we use automatic feeding machines

We use driven tools that allow turning and milling to be carried out at the same time. This saves time and shortens the delivery.

Driven tools

We also use automatic feeding machines in our production which stores raw materials. During the machining process, the machine feeds the material to the machine itself, reducing machining time and improving efficiency.

Automatic feeding machines

We can provide the most demanding products, where 100% precision and accuracy are required. For example, we have machines for making implants (dentistry) and we also make 3D nozzles for 3D printers.

With precision machinery and engineering, we can produce the most complex products

Machine Park

At CNC Borštnar, we focus on our machinery and our priority is to ensure that our machines are state-of-the-art, perfectly maintained, and operated to the highest standards.


We guarantee our customers top quality right from the prototype. We design the product for you, produce the technical documentation, make a prototype and, after your approval, proceed with the production. We ensure top quality with state-of-the-art measurement systems.

Improve your products and offering with reliable CNC Borštnar services.

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