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Comprehensive services

By your side from the idea to the finished product

At CNC Borštnar, we combine a variety of approaches so that our customers receive a product tailored to their needs. If your idea is not yet finalised, or if you need expert advice, you are also welcome. Our experts will help you get the product you want with their advice, experience, and extensive expertise.

We start the production with the right choice of material, where you can count on our support and advice.

We design products for you in a variety of materials, such as:

  • aluminium
  • bronze
  • various steels
  • Inox
  • plastics
  • titanium
  • rubber

We can provide machining of almost all types of materials

After the material selection, we program the CNC machines. We construct the ordered products in modern 3D modelling software such as SolidWORKS and SolidCAM.

After the model is introduced, a prototype is designed and we can work with our structural experts to plan product upgrades.

We produce structures from concept to prototype

We can upgrade your product in additional steps according to your wishes:

  • various galvanic protections
  • welding
  • surface protection (colour/zinc plating, bronzing, nickel/chrome plating, etc.)
  • heat treatment (cementation, quenching, tempering, induction hardening),
  • powder coating

If desired, your product can be upgraded

Machine Park

At CNC Borštnar, we focus on our machinery and our priority is to ensure that our machines are state-of-the-art, perfectly maintained, and operated to the highest standards.


We guarantee our customers top quality right from the prototype. We design the product for you, produce the technical documentation, make a prototype and, after your approval, proceed with the production. We ensure top quality with state-of-the-art measurement systems.

Improve your products and offering with reliable CNC Borštnar services.

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