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Our story

For 45 years, the family company CNC Obdelava Kovin Borštnar d.o.o. has been developing products, technology, and know-how to provide highest-quality services in the field of CNC material processing. Our core business is metal machining, mainly for the automotive and electrical industries, mechanical engineering, unique products, bespoke and serial products.

For 37+ years, the family-owned CNC Borštnar has been manufacturing and machining top-quality metal products.

We have received numerous awards and certificates: TÜV ISO 9001, AAA rating of excellence, awards from the Sevnica Chamber of Crafts and Small Business, and the municipal Silver Plaque for entrepreneurship.

We focus on development, which is why we have opened our own research and development centre, where we develop our own products and look for new technological solutions, always keeping up with the latest trends.

We process all types of materials, from steel, aluminium, stainless steel, and other metals and non-metals. We offer turning and milling services on state-of-the-art CNC lathes with driven tools, and CNC milling and machining centres.

We use CNC machines from renowned global manufacturers, such as


To increase production efficiency, we also use LNS HYDROBAR feeding machines. For development, design, and programming, we use SolidWORKS and SolidCAM software suites.

Technology trend setters

CNC Borštnar is renowned for the manufacture of unique complex products, large- and small-volume production of castings, forgings, and bar stock.

In the last years, we have also been trusted to produce less demanding tools such as aluminium die-casting dies, forging tools, moulds for plastics and sheet metal drawing.

From geometrically simple to highly complex products

At CNC Borštnar, we want to become renowned in Europe for the development and production of milled and turned products in our focus industries.

We have opened our own research/development centre of 4,500m2, where we use our own know-how, modern technological equipment, and monitor trends to develop own products and establish long-term partnerships with European companies.


Our company's core mission is the continuous development of our technological processes.

We will do this by continuously investing in new technology and by educating our employees. Our mission is also to ensure customer and business partner satisfaction, maintain a good working environment for our employees and care for the environment.


Improve your products and offering with reliable CNC Borštnar services.

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